Game Day Volunteers

The club cannot function without volunteer support from the club members.  The club must pay for many of the expenses for running a high school sports team, such as team practice uniforms, game uniforms, the website, community coaches, game day player meals, as well as many other expenses.  There are many opportunities to volunteer with fundraising efforts and club operations.

Areas to help:

  • Fundraising
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Game Day Support
  • Concessions
  • Gate Ticket Sales
  • Clock / Time Keeper
  • Announcer
  • Video
  • Photography


Thank you for your support in the 2019 season.  Because of parent and player volunteers, we will be able to raise money for East Coweta High School Lacrosse through the sale of concessions and game tickets.  These funds are used to defray the operating costs of the club and are passed along to our East Coweta Lacrosse families in the form of reduced player fees.